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🔥Last Day Sale 49%🔥Biological Enzyme Pipeline Dredging Agent

🔥Last Day Sale 49%🔥Biological Enzyme Pipeline Dredging Agent

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Every dredging is a cleaning process, which can effectively inhibit the production of bacteria and enjoy a healthy life with peace of mind!


RAPID DEGRADATION TECHNOLOGY: It can degrade fats, oils, greases, starches, proteins, cellulose, sludge, and other food waste. Enzymes are a safer alternative to sodium hydroxide and other caustic chemicals.

  • There are many dissolved substances: such as vegetable residue, oil, hair, etc.

 REDUCE PUMP-OUT FREQUENCY: Enzyme Drain Cleaner reduces the frequency of costly septic tank pump-outs when used regularly. Increases the efficacy of grease traps by allowing bacteria to work more effectively.

TARGETS FOG, EVEN AS pH DECREASES: It aids in the biological breakdown of organic material inside drains and tanks. Promotes separation of water phase from FOG phase, thanks to de-emulsifying surfactant.

ULTRA-FAST ODOR ELIMINATION: It can eliminate odors associated with drain lines, lift stations, sewers, septic tanks, leach fields, cesspools, grease traps, and grease interceptors.

POWERFUL & EFFECTIVE: Our products are non-corrosive and are a safer alternative than using chemicals such as sodium hydroxide or bleach. It is completely odorless and powerful enough to plow through any clog or grease trap.

  • When it encounters water, it produces rich foam, which is attached to the pipe and is easy to clean.


Product weight: 320g

Size: 12.8*5.5*5.5cm

Material: PP + biological enzyme

Storage method: Store in a cool place

Shelf life: 5 years

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