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🔥Last Day Sale 49%🔥BreezeNeck

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The ultimate cooling companion for hands-free freshness wherever you go

This BreezeNeck bladeless neck fan provides an enjoyable and convenient cooling experience. With its portable, hanging around the neck design, it keeps you cool wherever you go, whether traveling, in the office, outdoors or at home.

This mini fan offers three different wind modes to suit your personal preference. Natural wind mode simulates a light, gentle breeze, ideal for cooling you down in hot weather. Sleep wind mode is designed to be quiet and soothing, allowing you to fall asleep comfortably undisturbed. Finally, the prevailing wind mode provides a more powerful airflow for those times when you need intense cooling.

Here is a step by step guide on how to use the bladeless neck fan:

Charging: Before first use, be sure to fully charge the fan. Connect the supplied USB cable to a power source, such as a computer USB port or an AC adapter. Plug the other end of the cable into the charging port on the fan. Wait for the charging light to turn off, indicating that the fan is fully charged.

Donning: Place the fan around your neck, positioning the ends of the neckband over your shoulders. Make sure the fan is snug and comfortable.

Controls: On the fan you will find control buttons. Familiarize yourself with these buttons so you can easily adjust the settings. They can include buttons for power on, wind modes, fan speed, etc.

Power on: Press the power button to turn on the fan. Some models may require a long press for ignition. Check the manufacturer's instructions for the exact procedure.

Wind mode selection: Depending on your preferences, choose from the different wind modes available, such as natural wind, sleeping wind or prevailing wind. Press the corresponding button to select the desired mode.

Fan speed adjustment: If the fan has multiple speeds, use the speed adjustment button to increase or decrease the intensity of the airflow. Experiment with the different speeds to find the one that works best for you.

Use: Once the settings have been selected, enjoy the cooling breeze produced by the fan. You can use it to refresh yourself on the go, during outdoor activities, at work or at home. The bladeless design ensures safe use without the risk of injury.

Shutdown and recharge: When you are finished using the fan, turn it off by pressing the power button. If the battery is low, recharge the fan by connecting it to a power source using the USB cable.

Advantages of the Bladeless Neck Fan:

Convenient Portability: The neckband design allows for portable, hands-free cooling, meaning you can use it while going about your daily activities without having to constantly hold or carry it.

Personalized Comfort: The various wind modes available, such as natural wind, sleeping wind and prevailing wind, allow you to choose the type of airflow that best suits your preferences and comfort level.

Low Power Consumption: The bladeless neck fan is designed to be energy efficient, which means it provides optimal cooling power while using less electricity, which is good for your energy bill. electricity and for the environment.

Quiet Operation: The fan is designed to operate quietly, allowing you to enjoy a cooling breeze without being disturbed by excessive noise.

Increased Safety: With its bladeless design, this fan offers a higher level of safety. You don't have to worry about accidentally injuring yourself with spinning blades, making it a safe option, especially when worn around the neck.

Versatility of use: You can use this fan in different situations, whether at home, in the office, while traveling, during outdoor activities, etc. It is versatile and adapts to many environments.

Ease of Use: Intuitive controls and simple control buttons make using this bladeless neck fan easy and convenient for anyone, regardless of their tech-savvy level.


Ergonomic Comfort: The lightweight and ergonomic design of the fan ensures a comfortable fit around the neck, allowing you to enjoy a cooling breeze without bulk or discomfort.

The bladeless neckband fan provides a portable, safe and convenient cooling solution. With its various wind modes, low power consumption and quiet operation, it improves your comfort while allowing you to go about your daily business.

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