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Cramps Relief Menstrual Heating Pad For Female

Cramps Relief Menstrual Heating Pad For Female

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This cramps relief menstrual heating pad focus on relieving women’ s dysmenorrhea, it has three different levels of heating, you can choose the level which makes you more comfortable.

Key Features
Heating Pad For Dysmenorrhea – This heating pad uses the graphene technology, the temperature can immediately relieve pain and discomfort. If you have menstrual pain, you can use this heating pad to warm your belly, provide heat to your body, improve blood circulation, and make you relaxed and comfortable.
Three Levels Of Heating – There are three different levels of heating, 45, 50 and 60. You can adjust the temperature, according to your actual needs, which can make you more comfortable and effectively relieve your menstrual cramps. If the temperature is too high, the heating pad will automatically stop heating to protect your safety.

Portable & Washable – It provides a portable mobile power, it is rechargeable, so you can use this heating pad any time and anywhere. It is lightweight, breathable, and washable, you can wash it by your hands, and make sure it is dry completely before use.

A Best Gift – This heating pad is a perfect gift for female, which can help all girls and women relieve dysmenorrhea, and it can also relieve waist and back pain. And the elastic waistband is adjustable and suitable for various waistlines. You can give it to yourself, your elders, your daughter, your wife, your mother, and your friends.

Material: Lycra
Size: Free Size
Color: Pink, Gray

Package Includes
1*Cramps Relief Menstrual Heating Pad For Female
1*Mobile Power
1*USB Cable

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