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Removable And Washable Dusting Crevice Brush

Removable And Washable Dusting Crevice Brush

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HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL: ABS + Microfiber. Suitable material for cleaning dust.

Helpful Gadget: sturdy and durable. Suitable for cleaning blinds, air conditioner blinds, car blinds, window gaps, fans, works better with cleaners.

Easily Remove & Washable: The blinds cleaner contains 1 piece of microfiber cloth, which makes it easier and quicker to remove dust and reduces dusting time. The sleeve can be washed and reused.

Easy To Use:The microfiber sleeve has a unique arm design, especially suitable for cleaning all kinds of dead corners, and children can also help to clean. Home or office blinds, air conditioning blinds, car blinds.

Unique Design: The double-ended design not only cleans the crevices, but the other end also brushes away dust and garbage.

Gram weight: 60g
Package contains: 1* Removable and washable dusting crevice brush

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