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🔥Last Day Sale 49%🔥Easier Cycling Helper

🔥Last Day Sale 49%🔥Easier Cycling Helper

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Make Cleaning, Repairing, Storing And Transporting Bikes Much Easier!

  • Compatible With Open Dropout And Thru-Axle Frames Up To 12mm 
  • Suitable For MTB And Road Bikes, Aluminum And Carbon Frame
  • Works With All Derailleur And 1/8" Chain
  • Chemical And Oil Resistant

Manage Your Bike Chain And Make Routine Tasks Easy!

The EasierCycling™ Helper slides into the rear dropouts of a bicycle frame and replaces the rear wheel, keeping the chain in place while the wheel is removed for Cleaning, Repairing, Storing And Transporting. It is compatible with all multi-speed and 1/8" chain, and can be used on frames featuring open dropouts or 12mm thru-axles.

The unique design allows the bicycle to be pedaledand thederailleur to be shifted, making the EasierCycling™ Helper an essential tool for chain cleaning or diagnosis of some derailleur issues. 


• It makes cleaning your bike easy.
• It makes diagnosing, servicing and maintaining your bike easy.
• It protects your bike's paint.
• It makes setting up your indoor trainer easy.
• It makes transporting your bike in your car easy.
•  It Manages your bike chain and makes routine tasks easy.

The EasierCycling™ Helper designed to keep your chain under tension to enable pedaling forwards or backwards and to allow rear derailleur movement with the rear wheel removed. This is useful for a number of reasons.

Also, if you're a stickler for keeping your drivetrain as clean as possible, lubing the chain and leaving it set up on the EasierCycling™ Helper as opposed to the cassette will keep things a bit cleaner.


It's a simple idea beautifully executed by EasierCycling. It's compatible with most current road bikes and many future ones using the 142x12mm standard thru-axle. It's small and light enough to fit in a toolbox or case for a trip.

No, it's probably not at the 'essential' end of the Bike tool to buy next scale, but when you get it you'll wonder why you waited so long.


The EasierCycling™ Helper is compatible with open dropout and thru-axle frames up to 12mm, Please put our black wheel on your own thru-axle.

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