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Funny Bubble Ball

Funny Bubble Ball

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The Amazing Bubble Ball is where the fun is at! Your kids will play on this thing for hours! It's perfect for summer parties, on the trampoline, and in the backyard. You can even use Bubble Ball inside the house for wintertime or rainy day fun!

✔️Fun: Your entire family will love playing with the Amazing Bubble Ball! It's super strong and is indestructible. You don't have to worry about it popping. Jumppounce, and play for hours!
✔️Unbreakable: This balloon is made of a special material called Xpandium. This is an extra-strong material that is unbreakable and which is ideal for one or more children to use at the same time!

✔️All In One SizeThis ball can be blown up with a minimal size of 40 cm / 15.7 IN and a maximum size of 120 cm / 48 IN. This means that you can use it anywhere! 

✔️Safe: Made without BPA, PVC and latex. Sustainable and environmentally friendly!

✔️ Reusable: This special balloon is easy to fill with air or water and can be used for any occasion. The gift for every season!
✔️ Easy to use: The simple closing system makes it easy to take the balloon with you, fill it yourself, and deflate it at any time. This makes the balloon ideal for transporting even in a backpack.

With the Magic Bubble Ball, you will see a big smile on the faces of your kids in no time.

This toy is revolutionary! Feel free to kickpunch, and jump on it without fear of it breaking or tearing. The ball wobbles, rolls, floats, dribbles, spins, and more! Can easily be deflated when you're finished playing for easy storage.

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Do not miss this! Due to the huge demand during these rumors, the stock of the Magic Bubble Ball ™ is very limited!

It is also very nice for the parents.

Can withstand a maximum weight of 270 pounds

S: The ball can be blown up to 15.7''
M: The ball can be blown up to 23.6''
L: The ball can be blown up to 31.5''
XL: It can be blown up to about 47.2''
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