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Hanging Handbag Dust-Proof Organizer with 6/8 Large Pockets

Hanging Handbag Dust-Proof Organizer with 6/8 Large Pockets

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The Hanging Handbag Dust-Proof Organizer is the perfect storage solution for any home or office. The organizer is transparent, making it easy to find what you need quickly. It is also foldable, making it easy to store and carry when not in use. The metal hook allows you to hang it anywhere, and the double sided design provides practical sizes and pockets. The sturdy material ensures that the organizer will last for years. With 6 or 8 large pockets, you can easily store and organize all of your items. This is a great way to keep your space neat and organized.


Sturdy material: Polyester mesh material, dustproof, large capacity, breathable, space saving, durable, convenient, and keeps items clean and tidy.

You can place it anywhere: With a metal hook, which can stably hang and reduce shaking. Rotable hook makes it easy to hang in many places, such as the bedroom, office, and living room, to keep the closet or wardrobe clean and tidy. 

Foldable design: Easy to store and carry when not in use.

Practical sizes and pockets: There are two sizes available, 90cm * 35cm and 110cm * 35cm. 6/8 large pockets, enough to accommodate, store, or organize your wallet/handbag.

Double sided design: It does save space and make your room can store more things.

Transparent and visible design: You can quickly choose anything you want, with a transparent window for easy identification and storage of your handbag.


Fabric: Polyester

Color: black, white, grey

Size: 6 Pockets (90cm * 35cm), 8 Pockets (110cm * 35cm)

Storage scenario: bedroom storage

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