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Wireless fast charger for ministol multifunctional phone holder

Wireless fast charger for ministol multifunctional phone holder

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Tired of annoying cable charging?

It's so slow and inconvenient. Our wireless mobile charger is compatible with all smartphones with Qi wireless charging and provides 15W fast charging. Vertical and horizontal charging allows you to freely adjust the angle, so you can watch movies or play games while charging. It also comes with aromatherapy and physical sound amplification, giving you an excellent user experience.


The unique and new wireless charging/mobile phone holder feature can be positioned horizontally or vertically, and there is a sound hole at the bottom that makes the sound more three-dimensional when the phone is playing.

Innovative chair shape, unique and new, you can choose horizontal or vertical position for wireless charging/phone stand function.

Fast charging: The chair-shaped wireless phone charger has ventilation holes on the back, which prevents the phone from overheating and improves charging efficiency while wirelessly charging the phone.

Unique desk decoration: This small chair can be used as a cell phone holder, but also as a piece of art that can be used as decoration in the home.

Mini Chair Wireless Charger has an ergonomic visual design standard that is highly suitable for face recognition, movie viewing, texting, hands-free calls, real-time chat, etc.

Material: ABS
Size: As shown in the picture
Output power: 15W
Voltage: 9V/12V
Detection distance: 0-15mm

Compatible with all smartphones on the market.


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