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Naughty Boy Creative Table Lamp

Naughty Boy Creative Table Lamp

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Naughty boy Mr.P a little shy man creative lamp small night lights,night lights home decoration nice gift.

History of the strongest little boy Mr.P, to his inherent signs Xianbao position, and again brought us a different surprise.

Creative designers will play to the limit, Mr. P's private parts to daylight, the proud erect, more of them, this site also ON / OFF function: The light switch is located. Still hold with a shade to partly concealed, but brave to own close to a natural vacuum to become available, seemingly contradictory, but interesting, in which thin recall. Work to suffer, love, career, etc. I am suffocating pressure mortal who can not help but laugh, sigh. Products of industrial society, human nature dug some deep felt, but also wanted to break through the psychological barrier, to MR. Mr. P courage to speak for us: What can not be courageous? Life is too hard, he can put aside the shackles of mind, doing what you love to do, even in the dark and the night, a person relying MR. P lamp Guangmang, quiet streaking.

Color: Body (creamy white), Lampshade (Yellow / Pink / Blue optional).

Size: 280 * 125 * 125mm

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