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Electric Drill Plate Cutter

Electric Drill Plate Cutter

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Mintiml® Electric Drill Plate Cutter

Use With Confidence, Save Energy, Increase Efficiency,

Great For Cutting a Variety Of Materials.

Scope of application: 12 V-21 V lithium drill

The ability to cut an electric drill from 21 V is better.

Maximum cutting capacity:

  • iron sheet 0.3-1 mm
  • white sheet 0.3-1.2 mm
  • steel 0.8-1mm
  • copper sheet 1.5 mm
  • aluminum sheet 1.5 mm

Main Features

Safe and Durable

No contact with the saw blade or blades, and no injuries to hands. Equipped with a robust metal gearhead designed for long life and durability.

Saves Time And Effort

Fitted to the drill head without the need for specialist tools, it is effortless to use and saves time and effort.

Accurate and Precise

Features a positioning slot for accurate sizing to complete a wide range of metal pieces such as iron.

Convenient and Portable

Lightweight and portable, easy to carry around regardless of location.


  • Package List: Mintiml® Electric drill plate cutter x 1


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